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Sealing Technologies specializes in the distribution of engineering supplies to Indian Industries. We at Sealing Technologies partner with the Parker who is the global leader in motion and control technologies. our aim is assisting our customers to increase their productivity and profitability. We are operating more than a decade. We have professionally trained and well-engineered team who can assist you to understand your complex machinery’s application and provide the relevant solutions.

We clearly believe that relationship is the key to our success. We have built a great relationship with our partners, customers, and our team. Through this relationship, we have created a great distribution network thus we are able to provide on-demand products and services with minimize downtime and this is why we can provide unparalleled expertise to every sector of the industry.

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As the global leader in motion and control technologies, Parker partners with its customers to increase their productivity and profitability.We Sealing Technologies partner with the Parker who is the global leader in motion and control technologies. our aim is to assist our customers to increase their productivity and profitability.

We would like to introduce our selves; We Sealing Technologies presenting Parker (JM Clipper) USA make world best Quality of Oil Seals, Hydraulic Seals & Sealing Products to Indian Industries.

In the year 2002, Sealing Technologies became a National Distributor of JM Clipper Corporation, who is one of the reputed and largest ranges of Seals and sealing products’ Manufacturer from USA. JM CLIPPER is exporting more than 80% of their production to many of the well known Equipment and machinery manufacturers as well End use Industries around the world.

Sealing Technologies believes that Seals are the most crucial part for any machinery to run without lubrication loss and is the saviour for the expensive bearings. Therefore, Sealing Technologies-Baroda have started importing the best quality Oil Seals, Hydraulic seals, V Seals, O-Rings and O Ring Kits and sealing products from around the world through reliable sources whose expertise in this field is second to none, to provide not only the best seals as per
application’s demand but also to provide techno-commercial solutions for expensive lubrication leakage problems.

A team of 20 experienced and professional engineers are constantly thriving to provide the world best Oil Seals & Sealing Products to various Indian Original Equipment Manufacturers and End use Industries in all over India, where maximum uptime required for the continuous production.

Prompt service and prompt supply is the prime motive of Sealing Technologies. To avoid Production loss and save Inventory cost of Indian Industries, Sealing Technologies maintains a large inventory of Shaft Seals, V – Seals, Large Diameter Seals, Special Design seals, Hydraulic Seals, O-Rings and O-Ring kits etc. at Baroda warehouse to cater ex-stock delivery.

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